Iowa Microloan

Tri-M AI

Company name and address

PO Box 403
1818 Story Street
Boone, IA 50036

Tollfree: Phone: 1.866.874.6872

Name and title of the company contact

Richard Muller, President

What assistance was provided?

After being denied access credit from a second bank, the second banker referred us to Iowa MicroLoan and they came through with a business loan to finance a large volume inventory purchase for Tri-M AI in 2011. This helped keep unit costs down and to expand sales volume opportunity for 2012. A marketing plan is being developed as part of Iowa MicroLoan technical assistance to help Tri-M increase sales volume.

Who provided the assistance? Were multiple organizations involved?

Assistance was provided through the Iowa Foundation for Microenterprise & Community Vitality’s Iowa MicroLoan program.

What was the success?

Richard Muller took over the business developed by his father in 2005 and began to operate the business out of his basement. Tri-M LLC provides artificial insemination supplies and equipment to the swine industry. This includes semen storage units, collection supplies, insemination supplies, processing and packaging materials, lab equipment, and ultrasound. Muller entered and won a $10,000 technical assistance award in a local Business Plan Competition sponsored by Boone’s Future and the ISU Community Vitality Center in 2006. Since that time, Tri-M LLC has expanded into larger scale semen storage units and ultrasound and is developing a marketing package to increase market exposure and penetration.


On facebook, See: "Tri-M-AI-LLC"

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