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Iowa Small Business Development Centers

There are 15 Small Business Development Centers (SBDC’s) located throughout the state of Iowa to help small businesses start or expand. Use this link to identify the SBDC serving your region and contact them if you would like assistance in completing your business plan or your Iowa MicroLoan application



There are 14 Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) chapters operating in Iowa that can provide professionals from various backgrounds to help you with your start up and operating questions dealing with all the topics a small business will encounter as they grow and become successful. 

  • SCORE Library

    The SCORE organization has chapters all across the United States and at their national website is a great library of small business information.


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Technical Assistance Resources for Microentrepreneurs

The SBA web site has a great deal of information, and yes, it can be a bit overwhelming until you become familiar with it. Identified below are some areas for specific information on the SBA web site that may be interesting and useful for small business entrepreneurs.

  • SBA Business Plan Examples

    This library of business plan examples may provide the microbusiness applicant with some ideas while working on the IowaMicroLoan business plan. We realize that the software generated business plans in this library are not in the same format that IowaMicroLoan is requesting, but some of the topics are similar and it is interesting to look at an example similar to your business.


Internal Revenue Service

The IRS has prepared many publications and a number of videos that deal with tax issues facing small businesses. You may either watch the 15 – 20 videos or read the transcript from a number of tax related topics.


Additional Great Resources for the Microentrepreneur

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