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Killian's Custom Metal Roofing & Panel, LLC

Company name and address

Killian's Custom Metal Roofing & Panel, LLC
630 S.E. 15th St,
Des Moines, IA

Brief Description of My Business
I manufacture metal panels for roofing, pole barns, sheds, garages and animal confinement. I also use the metal to make trim components. I resell screws and other accessories for metal applications.

Description of the nature of Iowa Microloan financing you were provided and/or technical assistance received and the importance of this assistance for your business.

I was provided financing for my rollformer from Iowa Microloan. I had been turned down by equipment buy/lease institutes and the machine I wanted to purchase was used. They assisted me in improving my business plan, to better express what I was trying to do and worked with me until I got loan approval.

Would you recommend Iowa MicroLoan to other small business entrepreneurs, particularly women, minorities, and/or persons with disabilities? If so please explain why?

I would highly recommend Iowa MicroLoan to others, especially women. Metal panel manufacturing is a male dominant industry and when I applied for loans from other institutes I felt they didn't really take my knowledge or experience into account because I was a female. Everyone in Iowa MicroLoan was completely supportive during every process. I felt they were looking at the facts presented in my business plan and were not second guessing or judging my abilities due to my gender.

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