Iowa Microloan

Independent Public Advisors, LLC

Company name and address

Independent Public Advisors, LLC
6209 NW 94th St,
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Brief Description of My Business
Independent Public Advisors, LLC provides financial planning and loan transaction management to municipal governments. We advise on the appropriate tax rates or user fees required to maintain financial sustainability, as well as the proper structure and timing for loans initiated to fund public infrastructure.

Description of the nature of Iowa Microloan financing you were provided and/or technical assistance received and the importance of this assistance for your business.

Microloan has provided me with a loan used to reduce software costs, as well as technical assistance related to preparing financials and how to best position the business for potential conventional lenders. This assistance has been critical in our longer-term planning, and the loan itself came at a crucial time in our first year of operation, ultimately allowing us to reduce costs and achieve greater financial security.

Would you recommend Iowa Microloan to other small business entrepreneurs, particularly women, minorities, and/or persons with disabilities? If so please explain why?

Yes, The assistance has been invaluable to the success of our firm, and I think all entrepreneurs would benefit greatly from both the expertise and resources Iowa Microloan as to offer.

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