Who We Are — Our Network

A successful business requires skills in production, financial management, and marketing. Small entrepreneurs are often great at one or maybe two of these necessary skill areas, but not all three. Our goal is to establish a statewide collaboration of identifiers, partners and IowaMicroLoan affiliates working with local networks to assist microloan clients who may emerge from anywhere across the state. We will strive to identify the best technical assistance resources available in your area and in the state to assist you in solving the issues that emerge in your business venture. The assistance may range from local business mentors to regional and statewide networks (such as SBDCs, SCORE, AgMRC, ISU Extension, ISED Ventures, MyEntrenet, USDA RC&Ds, and others) to give you the targeted assistance your business needs to be successful.

Identifier — An organization or individual that refers clients to IowaMicroLoan for further assistance.

Partner — An organization that has been trained and certified by IowaMicroLoan to provide technical assistance coordination services on behalf of our organization such as:

  • Directing identified clients to the IowaMicroLoan website and/or loan administrator assistance
  • Identify local technical assistance providers and programs useful to the IowaMicroLoan client.
  • Assist the IowaMicroLoan client in closing the loan documents and answer any questions they may have at that time
  • Meet with the loan client quarterly to identify any Technical Assistance areas that need to be addressed by IowaMicroLoan to improve the current business condition.

Affiliate — In addition to the responsibilities of a partner this organization is may additionally wish to:

  • Create a local microenterprise development organization and network
  • Negotiate a reserved portion of the IowaMicroLoan loan pool to be used in your geographical region by sharing in the loan loss reserve funding process for loans originated from your portion of the loan pool
  • Organize a Nanoloan program for clients requesting less than $5,000 in loan funds
  • Create an endowment fund to enhance the local efforts to support Microentrepreneurs
  • Apply for additional grants for entrepreneurship development in the local area

TA Coach — Be certified by IowaMicroLoan as a technical assistance provider, either private or public, with experience in working with microentrepreneurs.

IFMCV Donors — By contributing to IFMCV, individuals, corporations, and other donors can make a major difference in developing new entrepreneurial talent for Iowa's future and for enhancing the community vitality of the donor's local area.

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